Student Health Center

According to the relevant regulations of the state and Qingdao City, full-time students in all colleges and universities, as well as higher vocational and technical schools in Qingdao must join the social medical insurance for residents. Medical insurance premiums will be collected annually. The main collection period for next year’s premiums is from Mid September to the end of December. The newly enrolled students should pay insurance fee on time as required. They will enjoy the resident social medical insurance treatment from the date of enrollment. Other students at school who did not renew their insurance in time should repay it only during next year’s main collection period. Repay during other time will not be accepted. Students will no longer enjoy the medical insurance before the repayment. 

In order to guarantee the scope and quality of medical insurance for students, commercial insurance and university additional liability insurance should be purchased at the same time, so as to make sure that students can receive better safeguarded besides medical insurance.

The hospital contracted with QCU student clinic: Xifu Community Hospital, Chengyang District, Qingdao.