Explore and Discover the World

Facing the new era of economic globalization, artificial intelligence and innovation-driven development, university education is facing a new round of changes. Cultivating international elites who can cope with the future development of the industry is the direction of our school's ongoing efforts.

We have established extensive exchanges and cooperation relationships with 38 high-level universities in the world to build a stage for students to participate in international exchange programs and for graduates to go abroad for further academic studies; we have set up an international exchange center, holding Sino-Australian cooperation projects which mutually recognize credits between Chinese and foreign universities, and junior college-undergraduate program. Over the past 13 years, we have achieved steady improvement; we lead students to discover the world, embark on a wonderful journey of exploring the unknown, and strive to promote the development of overseas classrooms, international volunteers and other study tours; we actively attract international students to our school for further study. As one of the first colleges to be awarded Qingdao Municipal Government’s Scholarship for International Students in China, our cumulative number of international students has reached 2,000.


We have signed inter-school cooperation agreements with 35 overseas colleges and universities of Britain, Australia, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries.


Exchange students with more than ten overseas universities and 440 students have participated in the exchange program.


The first batch of colleges and universities to receive scholarships for international students established by Qingdao Municipal Government. Every year, about 300 international students come to our school for further studies, with a cumulative number of 2000.


More than 80% of students in Sino-foreign cooperative education programs choose to continue their studies, and the annual employment rate exceeds 100%.