We are rightfully proud of the results of our research institutes. At the end of 2020, not only have we secured 122 scientific research projects at departmental, ministerial, provincial, and national levels and secured government funding of RMB 400,000 but our research has proved invaluable to the development and construction of the city and province.

Our research into scientific and technological applications to industry is at the cutting edge of development. We’ve pioneered developments in AI technology, intelligent manufacturing, advanced materials for construction, systems softwear, information security and construction engineering. These have benefitted the development of Qingdao city and Shandong province.

Qingdao City University has invested scientific research funds into school-level scientific research projects. New teachers who have the passion and drive to contribute to our research efforts are supported through a support programme, one that helps those early in their careers. Since 2018, the programme has allowed 41 scholars to access funding totalling about RMB 100,000.