Undergraduate Admission

Qingdao City University is an independent full-time general higher education institution with undergraduate programs approved by the Ministry of Education.

The school has undergraduates and junior college students from all over the country. At present, the college offers 34 undergraduate majors and 21 junior majors, covering five disciplines, including engineering, management, humanities, economics, and arts. There are Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Art, Department of Accounting, Department of Economics and Trade, Department of Foreign Languages, and International Exchange Center. Students can choose a suitable major to complete their undergraduate program according to their own interests and abilities.

Department of Art

Major Name Educational System
Animation4 years
Digital Media Arts4 years
Environmental Design4 years
Visual Communication Design4 years

Department of Civil Engineering

Major Name Educational System
Civil Engineering4 years
Engineering Management4 years
Intelligent Construction4 years
Quantity Survey4 years

Department of Computer Engineering

Major Name Educational System
Computer Science and Technology4 years
Data Science and Big Data Technology4 years
Internet of Things Engineering4 years
Network Engineering4 years
Software Engineering4 years

The Department of Accounting

Major Name Educational System
Accounting (CIMA) 4 years
Accounting(ACCA)4 years
Accounting(AIA)4 years
Auditing (CIA)4 years
Financial Management (CFA)4 years
Internet Finance(FRM)4 years

The Department of Architecture

Major Name Educational System
Architecture5 years
Urban and Rural Planning5 years

The Department of Economics and Trade

Major Name Educational System
International Economics and Trade4 years
Logistics Management4 years
Marketing(Big Data Marketing)4 years

The Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Major Name Educational System
Electrical Engineering and Automation4 years
Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation4 years
Robot Engineering4 years

The Department of Foreign Languages

Major Name Educational System
Business English4 years
English4 years
French4 years
German4 years
Russian4 years
Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages4 years