Internship Bases

Internship Bases  

Qindao College has established nine on-campus internship bases, including the Engineering Training base I& II, NABA Arts Center, Animation Training Center, etc. Maintaining good relationship with the local enterprises, such as Haier Group, Hisense Group, Qingdao Qingzheng IBMNET Electric Ltd. and so on, Qindao College has also established 81 internship bases which have been equipped with world standard instruments to meet the requirements of practical teaching.


The training bases, with a capacity of more than 800 students, have been equipped with 58 processing machine tools, including CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC electrical discharge machines, coordinate measuring machines, etc. There are also kinds of international-level welding equipments, including laser welding and cutting machines, welding robot, gas welding machines, etc.


The training bases have established an independent practical teaching system which combines the cultivation of students' practical ability with skill qualification training. Meanwhile, by integrating student practical training with external programs,  the training bases will be turned into a multi-functional practical teaching base which provides Qindao College the opportunities open to the society and local enterprises.

Spanish TORC – 120FC CNC Spinning Machine

GMB1620 CNC Boring and Milling Machine

TH6380 Horizontal Machining Centre

XH718A Vertical Machining Centre

HTC125290a CNC Horizontal Lathe

Longmen Welding Center

BODA – 6000 CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Z33125X40 slide Block Radial Drilling Machine

CNC Pentahedron Machine Center

XH716D Vertical Machining Centre

Global performance 12.15.10 Movable Bridge Style Coordinate Measuring Machine

Engineering Training base I

Electric Furnace

Ceramic Art Studio

Carving Machine

Panasonic Welding Robot

Laser Welding and Cutting Machine

Panasonic Welding Machine

Micro-plasma Welding Equipment

HX714D Vertical Machining Centre